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How To Order & Pay


1.  Find out if the cans are still available via email or telephone

           (We do not keep an hour-to-hour update of the website, but we do try to keep it up to date within  a 2-3 day window)






                 Cell       (330) 284-1959 Jeff

                        In your e-mail or phone message please state :

                        1.   Your Name

                        2.   Your E-mail Address or Phone Number

                        3.   USBC # of the can(s) of interest (if it is a can)

                        4.   Label Name

                        5.   Price ($)


   2.  Payments can be made by


                 Money Order

                 Cashier's Check

                 Personal Check (must wait for check to clear)




   Upon receiving the order, we will send the address if paying by Money Order or Personal Check.

    If by PayPal, we will supply the PayPal account to send the payment to.

    Any other questions please state in an email or phone message and we'll be happy to answer it.


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