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Force Display of Updated Web Pages

We sometimes have an issue with the website not displaying the latest updates that have been uploaded to our server.  So if you have a problem seeing the latest updates try the method below.


1.     Internet Explorer 11


        Go to the page where there doesn't seem to be updates then press <CTRL>F5.

        Hold the Control (CTRL) key down and then press F5

        This should force an update of your current page.

In Google Chrome, use Ctrl + F5

In Firefox, use Ctrl + Shift + R (or Cmd + Shift + R in Mac)

In Safari, use Alt + Cmd + E


If that worked then you need to change a setting in Internet Explorer (or whatever it is in your browser) to load your pages on "Every Visit to the Page" instead of "Automatically". You could also find the settings under

Tools / Internet Options / General / Browsing History / Settings / Check for Newer Versions of Stored Pages / Every Time I Visit the Page


Other Browsers may be slightly different.